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Posted: 02/13/2005 14:50:17

Many Thanks  for your attention.

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote:

>1) In the code for the OleContainer insertion, add the line

>    RichViewEdit1.SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty(rvepResizable, 1, True);

>after calling  RichViewEdit1.InsertControl.

>It will make it resizable (resize handles will appear when it is selected)


>2) Assign OnMouseUp event for the inserted OleContainers (just like it's

>already done for other its events).

>The code in this event must be

>  RichViewEdit1.SelectControl(TControl(Sender));

>This code will select OleContainer when clicking it.


>3) Reassign this event in RichViewEdit1.OnControlAction (just like it's

>already done for other events)

>This code will reassign this event when the control is copy/pasted or loaded

>from file.


>4) Play with values of OleContainer.SizeMode




>> After copying an equation from Mathtype equation editor,

>> and when I select menu item "paste as ole" from

>> RV editor1 demo, The equation is pasted into RVedit

>> but This equation object in RVedit is not sizeable with mouse

>> although a button control already placed before is sizeable.

>> How can i make an oleobject is sizeable with mouse (which means rounding

>> a rect has 6 points for sizing with mouse)


>> Thanks.





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