Re: TRichView and Delphi 2005

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Steve Summers

Posted: 11/25/2004 22:51:13

How about a trial version?

I have an app I need to port from D5 to D2005 that uses WPTools 4. I've been

a bit unhappy with WPTools, and the only version they support with D2005 is

WPTools 5, so it might be a good time to convert- if it's not TOO much

harder than to convert from WPTools 4 to WPTools 5.  But it's hard to

justify risking almost $200 to find out.

"Sergey Tkachenko" <> wrote in message


> It will be available for registered users tomorrow (only win32)


>> Are you going to release a version of TRichView to Delphi 2005?

>> if so, when do you pretend to release it?

>> And will be there a version to .net or only to win32?


>> thanks





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