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Martin Holmes

Posted: 10/15/2003 20:17:54

Hi there,

Many thanks -- do you know when you'll be adding XHTML support? XHTML

1.1 is actually much easier to work with than old HTML specs in that the

structures and tag set are simpler, and documents are more regular.

I can live with import and export of HTML, and I don't need JavaScript

to work inside the TRichView; I just need to be able to insert hidden

tags or annotations that will enable me to link the resulting anchors to

JavaScript functions. For example, is it possible to insert a link like


<a href="javascript:ShowAnnotation(3)">Link text</a>

I don't need the JavaScript function to execute in the context of

TRichView; I just need it to be inserted programmatically, so when I

export to HTML (and add the appropriate JavaScript code to the result)

it will work. (Basically, in my app, my users annotate a document, then

produce HTML output that enables a reader to view the annotations in a


One more question: how does copy/paste work? For example, if my user has

a Web page open in IE, and selects and copies the document to the

clipboard, then pastes into a TRichView, what will result? Will any of

the styles and formatting come over via RTF, or will it just be plain text?



Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

>>HI there,


>>I'm looking at using TRichView to implement a specialist editor, and I

>>have a couple of questions:


>>1. If I'm reading and writing HTML, which specifications are supported?

>>(I'd prefer to use XHTML 1.1, which enables me to treat the document as

>>XML as well as XHTML.)



> XHTML is not supported (this is not HTML), it is in plans.

> TRichView directly supports only export.

> SaveHTML uses HTML 3 standard (no CSS)

> SaveHTMLEx uses HTML 4 standard (with CSS)

> HTML import can be done using TRVHTMLImporter, supporting a subset of HTML 3

> standard. It does not support CSS import.


> HTML operations are considered as import and export operations.



>>2. How does the CSS and JavaScript support work when an end-user is

>>editing? For example, can I create custom classes, like this:


>><a class="MySpecialLink" onclick="ShowMyAnnotation(35)">Annotated text</a>


>>I wouldn't be too worried about the JavaScript "working" in the RichView

>>environment, but it would be useful to have the CSS class work.



> JavaScript is not supported



>>3. Can elements by hidden inside the document, by using (eg)

>>style="display: none" or something like that.



> No



>>4. What happens when exporting documents containing hyperlinks to RTF --

>>what are they converted to? I need to give users RTF export support.



> They are exported as RTF hyperlinks (understandable by MS Word and other RTF

> editors)



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