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Martin Holmes

Posted: 10/16/2003 2:55:53

This is excellent news. I think I can do most of what I need to do

already, and I just need the XHTML output. For the moment, I can start

work with the control to learn what I need to learn, and perhaps

implement my own conversion between HTML and XHTML until the

implementation is ready.

Many thanks for taking the time to explain!



Sergey Tkachenko wrote:

> 1) About XHTML - the most probably, it will be implemented to the Spring of

> 2004.


> 2) About saving URLs:


> Each TRichView item (including hypertext links) can have additional string

> value called "tag" (this term has no relation to HTML tags). You can store

> any string (without line breaks) in it, including URL, javascript code and

> your own additional information.

> When TRichView exports hyperlinks to HTML or RTF, an event OnURLNeeded

> occurs (in the newer version, this event will be superseded by new more

> flexible event OnWriteHyperlink). In this event you provide a string that

> will be saved in HTML/RTF as a hyperlink target. In this simplest case, tags

> contain only hyperlink targets, so you just need to return the tag value of

> the clicked hyperlink.

> When user clicks a hyperlink in TRichView, OnJump event occurs where you can

> do all what you want (for example, launch a browser or load another

> document).


> 3) About pasting from Internet Explorer.


> IE copies data in several alternative formats including text, RTF, HTML.

> By default, TRichViewEdit pastes RTF.

> But you can use OnPaste event and TRVHtmlImporter component to paste as HTML

> (HTML copied by IE usually has higher qualiy than RTF; besides, if the

> selection contains too complex nested tables, IE copies empty RTF)


> RichViewActions ( - a set of

> actions for building user interface for TRichViewEdit - supports HTML

> pasting.

> You can test it in the compiled demo

>, Edit | Paste

> Special command, where you can select a format to paste.

> (in this demo, the standard paste command still pastes RTF by default (if it

> is not empty)).




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