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Posted: 11/19/2004 18:06:01

Thanks for your response !

I did exactly what you said to add the path to the

richview componentfiles to the delphi librarie.

After that I opened the package again, clicked on installation and got exactly

the same errormessage as before: File not found: 'RVStyle.pas'.

I also realized that there are no *.pas files in the source path, only =.dcu,

*.res, *.inc files and others (RVStyle.dcu for example).

I will try to install Trichview in the Delphi environment on another computer.

May be, that Delphi itself is not configured as it should be.

I really would like to get it running. I have choosen trichview for its extraordinary

features and need exactly a component like this for my programming project

(a database driven document manager and editor).

Thanks again for your support


"Rob" <> wrote:

>In Delphi 7:


>To add it to the global envirnment (so all projects will benefit from it)

>- Menu Tools -> Envirnment Options

>- Tab "Library"

>- "Library path", click the button on the right side of the dialog box and

>add the path to the source.





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