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Posted: 07/20/2004 18:29:29


       I want to convert RTF to HTML. The TRichView seems to be great for this

and the first Tests I do are very good! :-)

       I ran into problems when I want to to it inside a web aplication. First

in a ISAPI dll for IIS, Ive found this solution (the TRichView is

created in a datamodule-like):

     Dummy := TWinControl.create(nil);

     RichView:= TRichView.create(Dummy);

     RVStyle:= TRVStyle.create(Dummy);

     RichView.Parent := Dummy;

     RichView.SetBounds(0, 0, 400, 400);

     RichView.Style := RVStyle;

     RichView.RTFReadProperties.TextStyleMode := rvrsAddIfNeeded ;

     RichView.RTFReadProperties.ParaStyleMode := rvrsAddIfNeeded ;

     RichView.RVFOptions := RichView.RVFOptions + [rvfoSavePicturesBody,

rvfoSaveControlsBody, rvfoSaveBinary, rvfoSaveTextStyles,

rvfoSaveParaStyles, rvfoSaveDocProperties, rvfoLoadDocProperties];

     RichView.Options := RichView.Options + [rvoTagsArePChars];

     RichView.OnWriteHyperlink := RichViewWriteHyperlink;

     RichView.OnSaveImage2 := RichViewSaveImage2;

       Now it is working for IIS. But my problem is That I have the same

probleme with an application for APACHE (DSO module). The exactly same

datamodule with the excatly same code do not work. When Apache load the

module, I see quickly the red warning "unregistered" (Im not yet

registered) and when I run the first action, the application begin an

infinite loop and nothing else respond... Stuck.

       This is the same problem I see at the first time wioth IIS when I

created the TRichView like this: RichView:= TRichView.create(nil);

But my present solution do not works...

       What can I do to make an RTF2HTML convertion inside a non-visual

application like an APACHE DSO ?



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