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Louis Kessler

Posted: 01/31/2003 16:51:01

Actually, Sergey, I think Juan's question might be a good basis of what to do

next in RichView.

You have been moving this way over the last few versions adding tables and

lists and other html equivalents.  If you could continue and get RichView to

be able to correctly display, edit, create and save all types of html, then

you will have accomplished a lot!

I'm not sure if you want to go as far as including Frames, but I've seen in

your Newsgroups that they have been a feature that has been asked for.

Basically, it would be nice to copy any page from the Internet to the

clipboard and be able to paste it as accurately as possible into a RichView

window, similar to the way Microsoft Word does, or even better, to directly

load a web page with RichView.

Louis Kessler

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

htmlspider wrote:

> Hello,


> Which are the limitations of use TRichview as WYSIWYG html editor?


> Can I:

>  - create nested tables

>  - Load/Save html

>  - Create Forms (insert edits, buttons)


> Thanks in advance,


> Juan.

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