SRVControls - What´s that?

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SRVControls - What´s that?

Post by moelski »

Hi !

I just updated my RV / SRV installation to the latest versions.
But what should I do with SRVControls ? Is this an important package?

What can I do with that?

And as there is a directx.pas within the package ... Is DirectX needed to use the package?

Hope on any info :roll:

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

SRVControls is an optional package.
They are analogs of standard controls, but they work better inside ScaleRichView (for example, TEdit does not show selection and caret when inserted in ScaleRichView, but TSRVEdit does).
DirectX is required only for one of SRVControls - TSRVMediaPlayer.

More info: ... trols.html

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