Selection problem in the table cells

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Selection problem in the table cells

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1) if a table cell only one line text selection is imposible with using keyboard shift key and arrows. Only possible with mouse. if cell text is more than one line selection is possible only current cell. when contiuning selection other cell text selection is not possible keyboard.

2) if a document contains more than one table and between tables some text selection is stopped at the one table. Does not contiue the other text and table.

Can you help me ?

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

These two problems exist in TRichView too, not only in ScaleRichView.

1) Yes, making multicell selection with keyboard is not implemented yet. Will be in one of TRichView next updates.
2) By TRichView design, if selection includes something besides table, the table may be included in the selection only completely (or not included at all). This will not be fixed.

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