Problem with printing resized image

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Problem with printing resized image

Post by prosoft »

I insert image from clipboard to document. (printscreen 1024x800). I change this size to 100x100 pixels by property page. Image is showen right. Now I do print document and image is printed with height 100 px but width is original (1024 pix).

Thanks Josef.

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

This problem will be fixed in the next TRichView update.

If you have TRichView source code, this is a quick fix:

Open CRVFData.pas, and change the procedure PaintAsBitmap:

Code: Select all

  procedure PaintAsBitmap(X, Y: Integer; DrawItem: TRVDrawLineInfo;
    Item: TCustomRVItemInfo);
  var bmp: TBitmap;
    bmp := TBitmap.Create;
      bmp.Width := Item.GetImageWidth(RVStyle);
      bmp.Height := Item.GetImageHeight(RVStyle);
      Item.PrintToBitmap(bmp, False, GetParentControl as TCustomRichView, DrawItem,
        -1, rvcmColor);
      RV_PictureToDevice(Canvas, X+Item.GetBorderWidth, Y+Item.GetBorderHeight,
        Item.GetImageWidth(RVStyle), Item.GetImageHeight(RVStyle), nil, bmp, False);

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