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Insert hyperlink

Post by prosoft »

I can add hyperlink at end of document
FRVFEdit.RichViewEdit.AddNLTag('Hyperlink example',GetHypertextStyleNo(0), -1,Integer(StrNew(PChar(AHyper))));

How can i insert this on caret position?

Thanks Josef.

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

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FRVFEdit.RichViewEdit.CurTextStyleNo :=GetHypertextStyleNo(0);
FRVFEdit.RichViewEdit.InsertStringTag('Hyperlink example', Integer(StrNew(PChar(AHyper)))); 
Note 2011-Oct-22: Starting from TRichView v13.3, simply use AHyper instead of Integer(StrNew(PChar(AHyper)))

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