A new major release is almost ready.

ScaleRichView support and discussion (TRichView add-on for WYSIWYG editing)
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A new major release is almost ready.

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New updates of TRichView, RichViewActions and ScaleRichView are available for registered TRichView users.

New update of ScaleRichView features a completely new help file, compatibility with Delphi 2009, updated demo projects (compatible with all versions of Delphi from 4 to 2009), new control (TSRVPaintBox).

After some additional testing (may be for a week), they will be released as TRichView v11.0 and ScaleRichView v2.0.
We want this release to be as stable as possible. All known bugs are fixed, but you may find new ones. We are very interested in your bug reports.

If you are a registered TRichView user, but you do not know how to download this update, send me a private message or e-mail, I'll open access to the protected section.
If you are a registered ScaleRichView user, send e-mail to Ilya (ilya AATT trichview DDOOTT com) requesting the link for downloading a new update.

This update (both TRichView and ScaleRichView) is free for registered users.

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