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SRV Translation

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I am using TScaleRichVView in a simple way, with the standard RichView Actions. B y default, the example that I copied has a small language button at the bottom right. THe language I want by default is Turkish, and the Turkish people tell me the SRV Turkish is all OK. I have RichView actions in my editor also.

How is the simplest way I can set the language of SRV to be Turkish by default ?

Is their some way to go SRV.Locale = Tr ?

By the way I am an English developer, working on English PC, so I have no idea if SRV automatically will default to Turkish on a Turk PC. I dont have any way to test except to send my release to Turkey.

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Re: SRV Translation

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1) You should have TRVAControlPanel component in your project. To make Turkish default, assign 'Turkish' to its language property at design time.
Before displaying the form containing actions, you need to call procedures that applies the selected language. In the ActionTest demo, they are in the Localize method of the main form.

2) I created an example showing how to choose the initial RichViewActions UI language depending on the system settings: ... f=3&t=9653

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