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Yernar Shambayev
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Post by Yernar Shambayev »

in my opinion, newgroups are better.
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Post by lkessler »

esbglenn wrote:A RSS Feed would be nice and would give back some of the Newsgroup Advantages. Several other Forums I am on (which look very similar to this one) do offer an RSS Feed :)
For those people who liked the Newsgroup better, I believe the RSS feed can make them happy. I prefer RSS feeds myself for sites that I access often and I have them on my own forums.

Sergey: phpbb has several Mods to syndicate a forum's content as an RSS feed. One of them, for example this one with a Russian author and with Russian support is at: This may also be a good one for you, since it supports Private forums.
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Still Need old News Groups

Post by markdemich »

This forum is definitely sufficient. However, you really should find a way to not lose all those old posts from the private newsgroup. I frequently find answers to my questions there.

I second the RSS feed!

Post by Guest »

I'd really like to have an RSS feed if it's possible.

Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Martin, RSS is already available, see
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Post by dkounal »

Sergey, did you read about the Mail2Forum extension for a forum like this?
Sergey Tkachenko
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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Making a mailing list duplicate of this forum?
I do not think that it's necessary.
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maybe the newsgroup is better, i think

Post by dpbug »

maybe the newsgroup is better, i think
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Post by toolwiz »

This seems to be an old thread, but I want to say that I'm glad to see support move to this format. I really hate newsgroups, mainly because so many spammers harvest them for email addresses that nobody dares show their real email addy. It's difficult if not impossible to edit posts placed in newsgroups. My mail reader has a difficult time digesting them, and it never fails to post in HTML format if I don't think of changing to text mode first, which seems to invariably piss off certain primadonna newsgroup members to no end. Newsgroups are an ancient technology for which little if anything has been done to improve them in the past 10-15 years. Forums like this are light-years ahead of what newsgroups offer. It's nice to see leading edge software vendors getting in tune with this technology.

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