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Any news about FastReport wrapper, Sergey?

Sergey Tkachenko
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Sorry, no news yet.

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Sergey, is there a wrapper for FastReport in v14?
Forgive me for this rant, but I'm having lots of problems...
I'm using v13 and it simply is horrible to use with FastReport so far. The only way I can print is if I save whatever it is as a rvf file and then atribute it on the report... and this is very bad.

Have you fought with the people from FastReport...? I really don't understand why it takes so long to have a wrapper for the report generator that comes as a default with Delphi.

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Re: FastReport wapper

Post by spikija »

Any news about FastReport wrapper?

Don't know if you know that, but RichEdit from Fastreport does not work from Delphi DLL (Datasnap) because it is not Thread Safe and depends on windows DLL.

As I can see TRichView does not depend on windows dll so FastReport wrapper could be solution for us who can't use richEdit from FastReport.

I also looked for one solution on web, but it's not working. I tested with demo version of TRichView, but if there would be FastReport wrapper then would definitely be interested in buying TRichView.

Thanks for answer.

Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: FastReport wapper

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Sorry, still no news about FR wrapper

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Re: FastReport wapper

Post by adamrich »


Here is what I did to use TRichview with fastreport.
1-Open fastreport, create new empty report page (all margins =0) drop tfrxRichview , align to client, save it with any name.
2-Create your rtf file with richview action, you can add your fastreport variables as [x] and save it as rtf

Hello world my name [name]

Now on Delphi app. call the report and load the rtf file.


if fileexists('RichviewRTF.rtf') then
Component := PrintForms.FindObject('Rich1');
if Component is TfrxRichView then

also you can pass your variables as:
frxReport1.Variables['name'] := QuotedStr('Adam') ;

In this case you don't need wrapper , and that works perfectly, but , but I couldn't make the table work , I spent hours, no luck :(

Hope this helps

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