2 Questions about RichViewEdit

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2 Questions about RichViewEdit

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How to insert object in RichViewEdit(just like word2003)?

How to view as "print layout" in RichViewEdit(just like word2003)?


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1) You can insert any Delphi control in document. Just create it and call RichViewEdit.InsertControl.
For OLE objects, use TOleContainer. Example can be found in Demos\Delphi\Editors\Editor 1\ demo, menu Edit | Paste As | OLE. TOleContainer is quite a "delicate" component, it's required to process some additional events to make it work properly, search for all occurences of "OLE" in this demo to see the code.

2) Page layout view is not supported in editor, only in read-only component TRVPrintPreview.

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