Printing of tabs

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Printing of tabs

Post by markkuin2 »

When I print multiple document with a lot of tab-characters in it, my computer suddenly reboots, with no warning / blue screen or whatever. I found that when I changed the procedure TRVTabItemInfo.DrawTab(...)

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//  if Canvas.Brush.Color<>clNone then
  if (Canvas.Brush.Color and $FFFFFF) <> (clNone and $FFFFFF) then 
the reboots don't happen again.

The line if Canvas.Brush.Color<>clNone is always true, because the high order byte of Canvas.Brush.Color is different as the high order byte of clNone (at least on my system / printer).

I don't know which part of the system (printer / printer driver / printer spooler) crashes, but one of them definately doesn't like the printing of loads of white rectangles.

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Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Hmm... This is not a very good workaround, because background can be colored (document/paragraph/table), and white tabs on them must be noticeable.

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