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I have read from TRichView website, there are 2 third party component listed, llPDFLib and GNostice.

1. May I know can both of them convert full content from RV to PDF? Inlcude image, header. footer, footnote etc
2. GNostice support from Delphi 2007 onwards, while I am using Delphi 2006 for my project, can I build gNostice in dll using newer delphi, and used by my project? If can, what kind of file I need to save from my project so that the dll can load and export to PDF? metafile? RVF?
3. Which one is better GNostice or llPDFLib, in terms compatibility to RVF content?


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Re: RVF to PDF

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Please note that LLPDF is now free open source, so you can test it for free: http://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtop ... f=3&t=2511
There is one more free open source component that can be used with TRichView: Synopse PDF engine: http://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtop ... f=3&t=7304
And there is one commercial options, wPDF by WPCubed (PDF generation code is very similar to LLPDFLib, but I did not try to add hyperlinks).

So, if you use Delphi 2006, I suggest to choose from solutions supporting this Delphi. However, basically all these components provide a Canvas that records all drawing commands to metafiles, and then converts these metafiles to PDF. So, if you create a DLL that receives metafiles and produces PDF, it must work.

AFAIK, all these libraries handle TRichView output pretty good. Probably, there are some issues, but I cannot point to them because I do not use these libraries myself.

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