CxDBGridBandedTableView Demo

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CxDBGridBandedTableView Demo

Post by ChrisDavis »

I was hoping to find an example of a TRichEdit embedded in a devexpress grid. All I have found is an example of a spell checker.

I have a fairly standard grid with a column for item comments. I use the custom edit form to actually edit the grid.

What I want is to specify a popup menu that will allow customization of the text entered. I do get a pop up but I have no idea where it comes from or how to change the contents.

Like I said a demo would be much appreciated.


Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: CxDBGridBandedTableView Demo

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

There is no special demo, because TRichViewEdit in cxGrid works like any other editor.
To show content using TcxTRichViewEdit, assign the proper value to the column's Properties in the Object Inspector ('TRichViewEdit', as far as I remember).
If you use RichViewActions to build UI, for example using a toolbar, commands will work automatically with the cxGrid's inplace editor.

AFAIK, cxGrid does not allow to specify special popup menus for different columns. A single menu is assigned to the whole cxGrid. So, if you want to implement custom commands for some column:
1) you can process menu.OnPopup and check for the active grid inplace editor (Controller.EditingController.Edit? I am not sure, I am not very experienced in DX VCL)
2) you can process the grid's events for inplace editor activation/deactivation, and replace the grid's popup menu in these events).

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