Richview 17.6 and QuickReports 5

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Richview 17.6 and QuickReports 5

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We are in the process of migrating from XE7 to Rio. We have RV17.6, but have made a decision to stay with QuickReport 5.0.6 for the time being. 17.6 only supports QuickReports 6 but there is a note in the ReadMe to contact you if older versions of QR are required.

Is there a solution immediately available for QR5.0.6 or do we need to upgrade QuickReports too?

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Re: Richview 17.6 and QuickReports 5

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First, open <TRichVew Dir>\ThirdParty\QuickReport\Source\Include\, and remove the dot from the line

Next, the only important difference for QR5 and QR6 is names of QR packages. I do not know how they are named. For QR5, the required package for Delphi 10.3 is QRWRunDXE10_3_w64.
Can you find the name of QR package for QR5?
Probably, Delphi can find it automatically.
Open RVQRD10_3.dpk, remove a reference to QRWRunDXE10_3_w64. Compile the package. Very probably, Delphi will suggest to add a proper package instead.
Repeat with RVQRD10_3_Dsgn.dpk, compile and install it.
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