Insert text at the beginning of a TRichView

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Insert text at the beginning of a TRichView

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Please tell me how to insert text at the beginning of a TRichView

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Re: Insert text at the beginning of a TRichView

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While TRichViewEdit has methods for insertion at the caret position, TRichView has only methods for adding to the end. The only exception is InsertRVFFromStream.
However, you can use the function from RVInsertItems.pas:

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procedure RVInsertString(RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer;
  const s: String; StyleNo, ParaNo: Integer; const Tag: TRVTag = RVEMPTYTAG);
To insert at the beginning, the parameter ItemNo must be 0, like:

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RVInsertString(RichView1.RVData, 0, 'Hello world!', 0, 0);
Please be careful when using this method, it may create an incorrect document when used incorrectly, see

PS: this unit also has a method for inserting a picture:

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procedure RVInsertGraphic(RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer;
  Graphic: TGraphic; Hyperlink: Boolean; ParaNo: Integer;
  VAlign: TRVVAlign = rvvaBaseline; const Tag: TRVTag = RVEMPTYTAG);

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