New and updated applications with TRichView - help authoring

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New and updated applications with TRichView - help authoring

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We a happy to inform you that 3 new or updated help authoring tools use our components.

Help and Manual 6
Info: ... anual.html
TRichView help was created using Help and Manual:


(30% discount on Helpinator is available for TRichView customers)
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ANN: CHM Help Files Alternative For Delphi

Post by DmitriPopov »


My name is Dmitri Popov, I am the author of Helpinator, one of the help authoring tools shown above.
Version 3.10 introduces new help file format and new help system called MajorMindHelp, that:

- is Delphi-native
- implements HelpViewer interfaces and registers itself as a HelpViewer, so you can turn it on just by referencing MMHelpViewer unit in your uses clause
- has no security problems of CHM help files but has all it's features
- has transparent help file format (zip file with HTML and XML it it)
- is multilingual, all languages are in one help file, and you can switch them by calling HelpViewer.SelectLanguage(LangID)

Read more: ... or-delphi/
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