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RVMedia Prerelease

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RVMedia is a completely new set of VCL components for receiving video from cameras, controlling and configuring IP cameras, reading sound from a microphone, sending and receiving video, audio and other data via the Internet (using a direct connection or a client-server model).

RVMedia is not directly related to TRichView set of components. However, obviously, they can be useful together: TRichView and RVMedia can be used to create text and video chat (we will create such demo in future)

Compiled demos are uploaded (warning - a lot of screenshot in these topics!): You can download all compiled demos as a single file, or download some demos separately.

We are very interested in your feedback.
Please post comments, questions, suggestions about RVMedia in the special forum: http://www.trichview.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=17

The next step is uploading a trial version of VCL components (and starting sales). If you want to test it sooner, please contact me (richviewgmailcom), we will send a trial version to you directly. Please specify your version of Delphi or C++Builder when requesting a trial version.

Plans for future development:
- optimizing video sending and receiving (better parallelization)
- Free Pascal (Lazarus) versions
- supporting configuration and controlling for more camera models

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