Data editors for DevExpress VCL v1.7

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Data editors for DevExpress VCL v1.7

Post by Sergey Tkachenko » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:44 pm

Data editors for DevExpress VCL v1.7

These files implement two components: TcxTRichViewEdit and TcxDBTRichViewEdit, and allow using TRichView as data editor in Express Quantum Grid and Express Quantum TreeList (by DevExpress)

Starting from v1.6, these components are included in TRichView installer. They are installed automatically, if [a compatible version of] DevExpress VCL are installed.

new: a new component is included: TRVAdxColorDialogInterface.
It can be assigned to RVAControlPanel.ColorDialogInterface property to use TdxColorDialog instead of TColorDialog in RichViewActions.

This component has a single property: ColorDialog. You can assign a TdxColorDialog to this property. If not assigned, a temporal component is created each time when RichViewActions need to display a color dialog.
It's recommended to assign this property, because if a single TdxColorDialog is used, you (and users) can define a set of custom colors.

TdxColorDialog does not provide fancy color picker tools. It is very similar to TColorDialog. Its advantages:
- it can edit transparency
- a color can be edited as HTML code (useful, because nice sets of colors can be googled)

fix: assignment cxTRichViewEdit.Properties.AnimationMode = OnFormat at designtime did not work

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