IDE Installer 2.0

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IDE Installer 2.0

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We released our installer program as freeware with source code:

We just updated it to version 2.0.

We created this installer for our own use, but if other developers like it, they can use it for installing their components.

This installer is suitable for installing both precompiled trial and source code versions of components.

New in version 2.0

The main change is a new package naming scheme.
Previously, there were 32-bit designtime packages and 64-bit runtime packages. This scheme is still maintained for a backward compatibility.
Now, there are 32-bit designtime packages and 32+64bit runtime packages.
Note: the current version of the Installer still does not support 64-bit C++Builder-only (CBPROJ) packages.

In the new version, the installer:
- supports Delphi and C++Builder up to 10.1 Berlin
- displays meaningful package names instead of file names while installing
- can remove paths to INC-files of older versions (not only to DCU)
- can install packages requiring third-party packages; even if third-party package's DCP-files are not in the standard location; even if third-party package's DCP file names include version numbers of third-party product.
- can install optional packages; if an optional package cannot be installed, the installer writes "skipped" instead of "FAILED", and does not add error messages to the log;

A special debugging option allowing to skip package compilation is added. If specified, the installer does all other work (such as adding paths to the Delphi library), but do not compile packages. You can compile the packages manually later.

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