Richedit to Trichview job offer

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Richedit to Trichview job offer

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I am a Taiwanese developing a new Chinese input method. I added an editor to my package. It was written in C++ using Richedit DLL. That editor is a bare bone one. By the way I added 4 functions (related to Chinese input and script conversion) to this primitive editor.

After seeing the functionality of Trichview and the sample editor program, I decide to upgrade my editor module to use Trichview i/o richedit.

I need a developer to do an editor for me. It can be exactly like the sample editor program, except that:

1. It needs to be activated by key-strokes (such as ctrl-F11, or whatever).
2. It needs to have one single additional function. And that is: after a block of text is inserted into an English document, I want to active font not to change. Example: The document is written with Times New Roman 14 points. Then a Chinese text block is to be inserted. And that text block is in MingLiU of 16 points (an Unicode font used by Chinese). I want the next key stroke still produce Times New Roman 14 points.

This is possible by changing the 'pasting' routine of the editor. And a programmer with good knowledge of the Trichedit should be able to do so easily.

This is what I want to be done at phase one. And If first phase is successfully completed, I'd then discuss the implementing of my 4 additional functions to this key-activated popup Richview editor.

By the way, I need the coder to give me Borland C++ Builder codes. All of my software was written with it.

I look forward to comments and offers.

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Re: Richedit to Trichview job offer

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simonhsu wrote:Hi

I am a Taiwanese developing a new Chinese input method....


You filter keystrokes using form methods that already exist {onkeydown}, etc... too simple to require an outsider.

And before doing your paste *[hit the return key a number of times]... click a few lines up or [left arrow] same number of *.

Do your paste and [right arrow] same number of * above or click a line or two below your inserted text.

Note: Going to the very end of the document may result in new text being typed ending up in your default font/size. Be sure to type enough returns before you paste ;)

Far as I see it... nothing to do here. :?