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Excel PDF

Post by makina »

Hello. i'm very interested on buying the report workshop,
but one of the things i dont see is export filters for pdf or Excel

Is it possible to export to this formats from Report Workshop?
Sergey Tkachenko
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Re: Excel PDF

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Report Workshop generates reports in our editor, so this is a question of exporting documents from our editor to PDF.
Unfortunately, we do not our own solutions for PDF, but you can use third-party components, both freeware and commercial.
See http://www.trichview.com/forums/viewtop ... f=2&t=8852

As for Excel, no, I do not know how to export to Excel. Report documents are not tables, they are rich text documents, so it's natural to export them to RTF, DOCX and HTML, not to Excel.
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