About ReportBuilder 20 support

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About ReportBuilder 20 support

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TRichView supports the new release of ReportBuilder 20.

No changes are required: TRichView setup can install RB integration package automatically, for ReportBuilder 17, 18, 19, 20 (for older versions, manual changes in INC-file are required).

If you already have TRichView+ReportBuilder integration package installed, and then upgraded ReportBuilder, you need to re-run the full TRichView setup ("Install TRichView in Delphi IDE" from Windows Start menu is not enough). It is necessary because ReportBuilder changes its package names on each major release; TRichView setup needs to re-detect new package names.

Known problem (in all versions of ReportBuilder): new versions of TRichView draw text relative to a base line, not relative to a top left corner (it produces better results when TRichView output is scaled). It works in ReportBuilder, except for PDF export (RB's PFD export does not support text drawing relative to a base line).
Workaround: (only for the full source code version of TRichView): open <TRichView Dir>\TRichView\Source\Include\RV_Defs.inc, and comment out the line

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