Integration with DevExpress Ribbon VCL: styles and spelling checking

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Integration with DevExpress Ribbon VCL: styles and spelling checking

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We've updated components for integration of TRichView and Developer Express VCL components.

Support of the recent version

Since this version, TRichView requires DevExpress VCL 21.2 or newer (because it contains a newly introduced IAccessible helper class).
If you still use an older version of DevExpress VCL, remove the define {$DEFINE DX_VER_21_2} from cxTRichView.pas

New controls for TdxRibbon

In the previous update of TRichView+DevExpress integration components, we introduced new controls and helper classes for DevExpress Ribbon.
In this update, we added a new control for the ribbon: TdxBarRVFStyleTemplateCombo. It displays a list of named styles of text and paragraphs.
This control is an analog of TRVStyleTemplateComboBox, which is based on a standard TComboBox. TdxBarRVFStyleTemplateCombo implements almost all its features (except for a mode of displaying only used and important styles).

devexpress-styles.jpg (149.05 KiB) Viewed 4744 times

Live spelling check

Since this update, TRVAdxRibbonPopupMenu supports live spelling checking.

devexpress-spelling-check.png (39.88 KiB) Viewed 4744 times

Previous version: ... =6&t=10515
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