Changes in TRichView privacy policy

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Changes in TRichView privacy policy

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I made changes in TRichView privacy policy.

There are 3 changes.

1. A paragraph about social services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on TRichView web site is removed.
Reason: TRichView web site does not use social services anymore. All links to our pages on social networks are changed to plain text links. No more scripts.

2. A new paragraph (4.2) is added about the version checker included in our components.
Reason: a version checker will be included in the next release of RVMedia, then in TRichView.
Previously, only installers might check for new available versions of the components.
No information is transferred to TRichView on version checking (except for an IP address), and no checking is performed unless allowed.

3. A change of the mailing list service for informing registered users about updates (2.2): from MailChimp to Unisender/Selzy.
Reason: we do not use MailChimp anymore.
Actually, I am not sure that I'll send emails to registered users in future; probably, a version checker included in the component will replace mailing lists completely. But for any case, this paragraph was not removed, only modified.
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