Motion Detector

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Motion Detector

Post by cueiogordo »

Good afternoon
I need to know if there is any movement on the camera in a certain area.
Would you be able to perform this check?
Do you also have a depth detector?
Looking at the Example, he pays for moving the entire camera
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Re: Motion Detector

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Currently, TRVMotionDetector class works with 2 complete images (it detects if there were changes, and returns coordinates of rectangles that cover changed areas).
If you need to process not the whole image but a rectangular area, you can create smaller TRVMBitmap-s and copy this area to them using CopyRect method:

Code: Select all

DestBmp.CopyRect(DesRect, SourceBitmap, SourceRect);
Then use these smaller bitmaps for motion detection.
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