[Demo] Track changes (a kind of)

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[Demo] Track changes (a kind of)

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Our editors do not support "track changes" feature yet.
The attached demos try to simulate this feature by coloring inserted or deleted text:
(105.4 KiB) Downloaded 980 times
A green color (and an underline) is applied to all new text.
Instead of deletion, a red color (and a strike-out) is applied (except for deleting green text, it is deleted immediately).

To accept changes, click the "Accept" button.
There is no "Revert" button, but it can be implemented by reloading the last-accepted document.

There are two versions of this demo in the attached ZIP file: for TRichViewEdit and for ScaleRichView.
TrackingChanges.png (9.99 KiB) Viewed 11598 times
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