Compile error after upgrading ReportBuilder

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Compile error after upgrading ReportBuilder

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I am using the ppRichView component in some ReportBuilder reports. After upgrading ReportBuilder to version 21.04 Build 181, when compiling I get the following error:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] rbStampaInformativaPrivacy.pas(11): F2051 Unit ppPDFRendererRV was compiled with a different version of ppPDFRendererImage.TppPDFRendererImage

My RichView versione is 20.1. I am using Delphi 11 Alexandria.
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Re: Compile error after upgrading ReportBuilder

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I suggest to re-run TRichView setup. You need to run the full setup; rebuilding packages using "Install TRichView in Delphi IDE" from Windows Start menu will not help (because names of ReportBuilder packages are changed on each major update, and only the full TRichView setup can fix dependencies)
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