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Suggestion for "Install TRichView VCL in Delphi IDE"

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:52 am
by edwinyzh
The "Install TRichView VCL in Delphi IDE" program is really handy, thank you for your effort.

In case it makes sense, you can considering allowing select which components to install.

for example, I don't use Quick Report, Clever, Indy (not integrate with RV, but use separately), ASpell, Adict, report builder, and so on.

The issue is that, my Library Path has already many entry, with all these paths added, compiling Delphi project from the command line (with MS Build) no longer works (it complains that the command line is too long).

Just an idea, I can fix it myself on my side anyway ;)