Style editor required for TRIchview

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Style editor required for TRIchview

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I want to place a style editor for TRichview components into our application something like the type you find in Microsoft Word. Given the time I’m sure I would be able to work this out for ourselves but I need something fairly quickly and given the popularity of TRichview components we are hoping that someone out there has developed something already that we could buy off them or has such a good working knowledge of Trichview that they could do this for us much quicker than we could.

These are a basic list of requirements we are looking for:
  • To save the styles to a single source file (CSS file or ini file)
    A form to display the various styles e.g Text, Paragrah and Bullets and Numbering styles from that source file
    To add new, modify or delete styles.
    Save it back to that source file
    To be developed in Delphi
Pricing and terms for such work (or existing code) is fully negotiable.

Would appreciate any assistance

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