I need a quiz

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I need a quiz

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Hi Group,

I need a quiz project sample.

project should be two section. A Designer and a Quiz.

Designer part should consist these ;

Code: Select all

:-Question ---------: This is Question design.
:                   :
: TRichView         :
:                   :
:-Choices ----------: This section can be multi or single select.
:                   : Each choices are actually TRichView.
: o Selection One   : I just want to know right selection.
: x Right Selection :
: o Wrong one       :
: o Another wrong   :
:- Hidden Panel ----: If I permit this section consist a hint for 
:                   : this question. It should be show or hidden
: This panel tell us: by student.
: about extra things:
: for this question :
: TRichview         :
1. Whole question should are in one TRichView
2. I just want to show each question in one page. User can use Next and Prior button. Also user should mark a page for revisit.
3. A Welcome Page and Final Screen is good for design.
4. A Review Page should tell us which question are marked.
5. When I show final page. All question are listed result as true or false.

Best Regards. :wink:
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