Synchronize ScaleRichV Rulers in Workshop

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Synchronize ScaleRichV Rulers in Workshop

Post by mikehi »

Program developed based on you demos. Changed so many settings for my needs it is a bit confusing when I go back to the setting in the Demo's.

What is the best way to set the Ruler Setting in the Result Page to those set in the Design Page ?

Can these settings be stored in the document so that on closing and reopening the settings for that document are read in ?

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Re: Synchronize ScaleRichV Rulers in Workshop

Post by Sergey Tkachenko »

Sorry for the delay.

Rulers do not have these settings (except for settings for changing their appearance).
They just reflect layout of the their editor.

In TRichViewEdit, the ruler changes left and right margins (and paragraph properties).
To save margins in RVF, include rvfoSaveLayout and rvfoLoadLayout in RVFOptions of these editors.
Also, to look identical, make sure that rvoClientTextWidth are included (or excluded) in Options of the both editor.

After you call rve.Format, call RVRuler.UpdateRulerMargins after.
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