TRichView mailing list for registered users

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TRichView mailing list for registered users

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We have a mailing list for registered users (for these who ordered our components in 2011 or later).
Not often (2-3 times a year) we send information about updates of our components.
To conform new EU laws, we asked all customers from Europe to confirm their consent to receive our emails.

If you:
- are from Europe, and
- you ordered our components in 2011-2018, and
- and you didn't unsubscribe from our mailing list, and
- you did not receive our confirmation request (sent in May, 23),
it means we do not have you in our mailing list, or your email server rejects our email.

If you still want to receive emails from us, please send me email or a forum private message requesting to subscribe to our news.
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