Third-Party Tools | Addict 3 and 4

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Third-Party Tools | Addict 3 and 4

Addict 3 and 4 is a spelling check and thesaurus component suite. Visit for additional information.

All registered users of RichView Package get a 10% discount when registering Addict Professional + PlusPack (spell checker and thesaurus).


1.Addict 4 packages must be installed before installing TRichView.

2.Addict 4 packages must be changed before installing this package. Open Addict 4 packages, open the package dialog. Go to the page "Description". Change "Build control" = "Explicit rebuild". Recompile the packages. Make sure that you do not have duplicated BPL and DCP files for the Addict packages in different directories (they can be in <AddictDir>\BPL and in Delphi projects directories)

3.If Addict 4 is installed, the TRichView installer installs the component integrating Addict in TRichView and RichViewActions automatically.

If you installed Addict 4 after TRichView, you can run the TRichView installer again using the shortcut in the Windows Start menu.


Create TRVAAddictSpellInterface component, assign it to SpellInterface property of TRVAControlPanel component.

Create TRVAddictSpell3 component, assign it to AddictSpell property of this TRVAAddictSpellInterface component.

Create TRVThesaurus3 component, assign it to Thesaurus property of this TRVAAddictSpellInterface component.

Assign TrvActionSpellingCheck and TrvActionThesaurus to menu items or toolbar buttons.

If you need an auto-correction feature, see the information in the topic for TRVACustomSpellInterface.

Live spelling check

To enable a live spelling check, assign OnSpellingCheck event of TCustomRichViewEdit component:

procedure TForm1.RichViewEdit1SpellingCheck(Sender: TCustomRichView;

  const AWord: String; StyleNo: Integer; var Misspelled: Boolean);


  Misspelled := not RVAAddictSpellInterface1.IsWordValid(AWord,

    RichViewEdit1, StyleNo);


If you want to start a live spelling check when the user starts editing, assign rvlspOnChange to LiveSpellingMode property of TCustomRichViewEdit component.

If you want to start a live spelling check when the user loaded a document, use OnOpenFile event of TrvActionOpen action:

procedure TForm1.RvActionOpen1OpenFile(Sender: TObject;

  Editor: TCustomRichViewEdit; const FileName: String;

  FileFormat: TrvFileOpenFilter; CustomFilterIndex: Integer);




Assign TRVAPopupMenu component to RichViewEdit1.PopupMenu.