Third-Party Tools | Polar Spell Checker ActiveX

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Third-Party Tools | Polar Spell Checker ActiveX

Polar SpellChecker component is a spell checker. It may be used as DLL or as ActiveX. TRichView uses it as ActiveX.

Last time Polar SpellChecker was updated in 2005.

Visit for additional information.


1.Install the Polar SpellChecker Components.

2.Import it in Delphi. Menu "Component | Import Component" (or "Component | Import ActiveX Control", depending on your Delphi version) import and install "Polar SpellChecker 5.0 Component", The component must be installed in the package PolarSpellCheckerPkg*, where * depends on Delphi version:

Delphi 5..7: D5..D7

Delphi 2005..2010: D2005..D2010

Delphi XE..XE8: DXE..DXE8

Delphi 10 Seattle: D10

Delphi 10.1 Berlin..10.3 Rio: D10_1..D10_3

3.TRichView includes packages for installing support for Polar SpellChecker (in ThirdParty\Polar\ folder), but the installer does not install them automatically. Open the package RVPolarPkg* and compile. Open the package RVPolarPkg*_Dsgn and install.


Create TRVAPolarSpellInterface component, assign it to SpellInterface property of TRVAControlPanel component.

Create TRVPolarSpellChecker component, assign it to PolarSpellChecker property of this TRVAPolarSpellInterface component.

Assign TrvActionSpellingCheck to a menu item or a toolbar button.

If you need an auto-correction feature, see the information in the topic for TRVACustomSpellInterface.

Live spelling check

To enable a live spelling check, assign OnSpellingCheck event of TCustomRichViewEdit component:

procedure TForm1.RichViewEdit1SpellingCheck(Sender: TCustomRichView;

  const AWord: String; StyleNo: Integer; var Misspelled: Boolean);


  Misspelled := not RVAPolarSpellInterface1.IsWordValid(AWord,

    RichViewEdit1, StyleNo);


If you want to start a live spelling check when the user starts editing, assign rvlspOnChange to LiveSpellingMode property of TCustomRichViewEdit component.

If you want to start a live spelling check when the user loaded a document, use OnOpenFile event of TrvActionOpen action:

procedure TForm1.RvActionOpen1OpenFile(Sender: TObject;

  Editor: TCustomRichViewEdit; const FileName: String;

  FileFormat: TrvFileOpenFilter; CustomFilterIndex: Integer);




Assign TRVAPopupMenu component to RichViewEdit1.PopupMenu.