RVGetHelpKeyword and RVSetHelpKeyword (D6+)

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RVGetHelpKeyword and RVSetHelpKeyword (D6+)

Unit RVHelp.

These functions may be useful if you provide a help file and use HelpKeywords instead of HelpContexts.

function RVGetHelpKeyword(HelpContext: Integer): String;
procedure RVSetHelpKeyword(HelpContext: Integer; 

  const HelpKeyword String);

HelpKeyword properties are used if the active TRVAControlPanel's HelpType = htKeyword.

The list of HelpContext and HelpKeyword properties used by RichViewActions is provided in the topic about HelpType.

By default, HelpContexts are used. You can switch to HelpKeywords. Default values of HelpKeywords are in English. Since keywords are visible to the user (in case of CHM help, they are in the "Index" page of the CHM viewer), it makes sense to translate them, if your help file is not in English. You can change a HelpKeyword corresponding to the given HelpContext using RVSetHelpKeyword. This change happens for all UI languages, so, if you provide multiple help files for different languages, you need to change keywords after a UI language change (or use language-independent HelpContexts).

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