Third-Party Tools | TMS Unicode Component Pack (TNT Controls)

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Third-Party Tools | TMS Unicode Component Pack (TNT Controls)

TMS Unicode Component Pack controls allow you to develop applications that take advantage of the Unicode capabilities of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista without abandoning Delphi, C++Builder or Windows 95/98/ME.You can download them from

Since Delphi/C++Builder 2009 features a built-in support of Unicode, TMS Unicode Component Pack should be used only in older versions of Delphi.

If activated, the most of standard controls on RichViewActions dialogs are replaced with TNT controls. Caption and Hints properties of RichViewActions are changed to Unicode. TRVAPopupMenu, find and replace dialogs support Unicode.


1.Open TMS Unicode Component Pack packages and set "Explicit rebuild" option. For Delphi 4-7, open the package, click "Options" in the package window, on the tab "Description" set "Build control"="Explicit rebuild". For newer version of Delphi, open the package, right click in the Project Manager and choose "Options", on the page "Description" set "Build control"="Explicit rebuild".

2.Install TMS Unicode Component Pack.

3.Open, remove the dot from the line {.$DEFINE USERVTNT}.

4.Recompile TRichView and RichViewActions. You can use "Install in IDE" shortcut in the Start menu.

See ActionTest_TNT.dpr demo.