cldownloadinterface TRVAClDownloadInterface

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cldownloadinterface TRVAClDownloadInterface

Allows using TClHttp component (Clever Internet Suite) to download external images when loading files.

Unit RVAClDownloadInterface;

TRVAClDownloadInterface = class (TRVACustomDownloadInterface);



To use this component, assign it to DownloadInterface property of TRVAControlPanel component.

TRVAClDownloadInterface has property: ClHttp. Assign TClHttp component to this property, and actions will use it to download images. If this property is not assigned, a temporary TClHttp component is created each time when an action needs to download an image.

The TRichView installer installs this component automatically if Clever Internet Suite is already installed.

Clever Internet Suite can be downloaded from

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