background TrvActionBackground

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background TrvActionBackground

Properties   Events

TrvActionBackground is the action for "Background" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionBackground = class(TrvAction)



This action changes background (Color, BackgroundBitmap, BackgroundStyle) and "padding" (LeftMargin, TopMargin, RightMargin, BottomMargin) properties of  the target editor. "Padding" can be changed only if CanChangeMargins=True.

if rvfoSaveBack and/or rvfoSaveLayout are included in the target editor's RVFOptions property, the action changes background and/or margin properties as an editing operation (and these changes can be undone by the user).

The action calls the following events:

TCustomRichViewEdit.OnChange (called by TCustomRichViewEdit.Change, see above)

GetControlPanel.OnMarginsChanged (only if the action changed values of LeftMargin, TopMargin, RightMargin, BottomMargin properties of TCustomRichViewEdit)