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Defines a set of properties for applying to the selected text.


  TRVFontInfoMainProperty = (rvfimFontName, rvfimSize, rvfimCharset,

    rvfimBold, rvfimItalic, rvfimUnderline, rvfimStrikeout,

    rvfimOverline, rvfimAllCaps, rvfimVShift, rvfimColor, rvfimBackColor,

    rvfimCharScale, rvfimCharSpacing, rvfimSubSuperScriptType,

    rvfimUnderlineType, rvfimUnderlineColor);

  TRVFontInfoMainProperties = set of TRVFontInfoMainProperty;


property ValidProperties: TRVFontInfoMainProperties;

If UserInterface=False, assign a subset of properties (for applying) to ValidProperties.

If UserInterface=True, this property is maintained automatically. After displaying a font dialog, this property contains a set of properties corresponding to non-blank fields in the dialog.

For properties-sets (Font.Style and FontStyleEx) each value in the set is represented by one value in this property. For example:

if rvfimOverline in ValidProperties, rvfsOverline in FontStyleEx, the selected text will be overlined;

if rvfimOverline in ValidProperties, rvfsOverline not in FontStyleEx, overlines will be removed from the selected text;

if rvfimOverline not in ValidProperties, overlines in the selected text will not be affected.