font TrvActionFonts


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font TrvActionFonts


TrvActionFonts is the action for "Font" command. It uses a standard font dialog (TFontDialog).

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionFonts = class(TrvActionTextStyles)



If UserInterface=False, the action applies Font to the selected text.

If UserInterface=True, the action displays a TFontDialog (initialized with font properties of the current text style), assigns the chosen font to Font, and then applies Font to the selected text.

It's recommended to use TrvActionFontEx instead of this action because of two reasons:

TrvActionFonts applies all font properties, it's not possible to leave some fields blank in TFontDialog. In TrvActionFontEx, if you open a dialog and press OK without changing anything, nothing will be changed in the selected text; this is not so for this action;

TrvActionFontEx allows defining much more text properties.