insertformula TrvActionInsertEquation

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insertformula TrvActionInsertEquation

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TrvActionInsertEquation is the action for "Insert Equation..." command.

Unit RVMathActions;


TrvActionInsertEquation = class(TrvAction)



This action is not included in RichViewActions directly, it is included in a separate package.

This item uses Adit Math Engine by Denis Sletkov (Adit Software):

Units of Adit Math Engine are included in TRichView installation (in Math folder). They are covered by MPL 2.0 with the following addition restrictions:

Adit Math Engine cannot be used in any E-learning/Assessment/Testing/Math software (Freeware or Shareware) or outside TRichView engine without our [Adit Software] written permission.


This action inserts a mathematical equation (TRVMathItemInfo object) in the caret position. The user can edit equation before insertion, if UserInterface = True.

The dialog window allows editing not only property of the new equation, but default properties (font name, size and color) of all equations in the current document.