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Inserts the specified file.

function InsertFile(rve: TCustomRichViewEdit; 

  const FileName: TRVUnicodeString;

  FileFormat: TrvFileImportFilter;

  ConverterOrCustomIndex: Integer=0;

  rvc: TRVOfficeConverter=nil;

  Silent: Boolean = False): Boolean;


rve – editor where to insert file.

FileName – name of the file to insert.

FileFormat – format of this file.

ConverterCustomFilterIndex used only if FileFormat is ffiCustom or ffiOfficeConverters.

If FileFormat = ffiCustom, ConverterCustomFilterIndex identifies a custom file format. Custom formats are numbered from 1 in the order they are listed in the CustomFilter property.

If FileFormat = ffiOfficeConverters, ConverterCustomFilterIndex identifies an import format, as an index in rvc.ImportConverters.

rvc is used if FileFormat = ffiOfficeConverters.

Silent – if False, the action displays an error message if the insertion was not successful.


Return value:

True if the insertion was successful.

If the insertion failed, this method displays an error message.

This method does not change values of the action's properties.