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Occurs when converting item of unknown type to/from hyperlink


  TRVApplyHyperlinkToItemEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject;

    Editor: TCustomRichViewEdit; RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer;

    const Target: TRVUnicodeStringof object;


property OnApplyHyperlinkToItem: TRVApplyHyperlinkToItemEvent;

For text and pictures, the action applies hypertext (or removes hypertext) automatically.

For other types of items, this event occurs.

The item is defined by Editor and ItemNo (it is the ItemNo-th item in Editor, where Editor can be a main editor or cell inplace editor). RVData is Editor.RVData.

When converting to hypertext, Target is not empty.

When converting from hypertext, Target is empty.

In this event, you can perform an editing operation on this item.