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TrvActionParaColorAndPadding is the action for changing background color and padding of the selected paragraphs.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionParaColorAndPadding = class(TrvActionParaColor)



This action is reserved. It does not have Caption and Hint assigned by the localization procedure. If you use this action, assign its Caption and Hint yourself.

This action does not introduce any new events in addition to events of TrvActionCustomColor.

On execution, this action changes Background.Color and Background.BorderOffsets properties of styles of the selected paragraphs (RVStyle.ParaStyles[].Background.Color and RVStyle.ParaStyles[].Background.BorderOffsets). The specific (left/top/right/bottom) padding value specified in Padding property is assigned only if the corresponding property of UsePadding is True. If the padding exceeds the paragraph's indents/spacing (LeftIndent/SpaceBefore/RightIndent/SpaceAfter), indents/spacing is increased.

Values of Padding and UsePadding properties must be assigned by the programmer.